Tom Gardner

Vice President

Thomas Lee Gardner is a sixth-generation Texan living in Austin. He is a graduate of the University of Texas with a Master of Science Degree in Technology Commercialization. Mr. Gardner has spent 30+ years in the biotechnology field as a scientist, consultant and project manager. In that time, he has worked from the Research and Development side as well as the Manufacturing and Quality side of the medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer products industry. Mr. Gardner is an experienced personnel manager, a business developer, and product development specialist. His experience working with DoD, Academia and capital investors after spending most of his career in industry, gives him a unique understanding of the entire product life cycle from a technical as well as a commercialization perspective. He also is experienced and skilled at dealing directly with the customer and is an accomplished educator, presenter and communicator.

Mr. Gardner became the Vice President of the Military Health Research Foundation after serving as the Technology Development Director. Previous to joining the MHRF he served as a contractor with the Air Force as an intellectual property, funding, collaborative agreements and technology/product development consultant. Additionally, Mr. Gardner provides support in the development of new technologies by assisting the inventor/innovator in procuring funding, evaluating and filing intellectual property documents, establishing intramural and extramural partnerships, and managing the research and development of the technology. Specific Accomplishments are:

• Collaborations – Authored and/or contributed to over 100 Cooperative Research and Development Agreements and other technology transfer vehicles.

• Intellectual Property – Contributed to more than 50 patent reviews and/or applications, authoring technical sections, reviewing content, developing patent content and illustrations and defending challenges by patent offices both domestically and internationally.

• Licensing – Worked with DoD internal and external partners to successfully license government owned patents including Aortic Occlusion System (ER-REBOA), Brown Recluse Spider Bite Detection Kit, Medical Acuity Model and several other ongoing efforts. Reviewed and advised international companies on filing patents in the US and developing license partners domestically for foreign IP entities.

• Research and Development – Mr. Gardner directs and manages multiple Air Force and Navy medical technology products from early research initiatives to prototyping to completed commercialization. The MHRF provides the complete life cycle management needed for optimizing technology development through promoting lean project management and rapid acquisition strategies.

• Expertise – Also, Mr. Gardner provides his unique expertise to the MHRF customers, including government, private entities, capital sources and academic institutions as a consulting partner. Focusing on assisting customers in developing solutions to their capability gaps, technology development plans, regulatory strategies and private technology development investments.